What is ZMA, how it can help you and why you need it in your life!

In this article we are gonna look at the many many benefits of ZMA which is actually favourite supplements that think I’ve ever taken and is also happens to be one of the cheapest as well but don’t know that change your mind on if it is worth taking or not.

What is ZMA?

You’ve probably already heard of ZMA before but if you have an I will give you a bit of a run through exactly what it is. ZMA stands for Zinc magnesium aspartate but essentially it is formed of three parts Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6. What every different manufacturer has a different blend and percentage of each of these three ingredients however they almost always form ZMA using just these three ingredients.

ZMA is generally considered a bodybuilding supplement however I generally recommend it for people as a sleep aid supplement and find that it works best for me when I am struggling to sleep or looking to increase my sweet quality. It’s definitely effective if you are lacking sleep and really started to feel it, this is when I then start to take it as I feel that over the course of a few days it can really kick in and give me a much needed boost to my sleep and in turn my mental health.

What is in ZMA?

I’m not gonna go into tons of technical information about ZMA because it’s just not needed, there is a plethora of information on the Internet which goes into why ZMA does what it does and how exactly it affects your body. I’m approaches article from the point of view of how it directly affected me and why I recommended over some other more established well known bodybuilding and sleep aid supplements.

Essentially the three combined nutrients are exactly what your body is often missing especially when you are bodybuilding or partaking in sports similar then you are gonna be in a deficit of some of these nutrients which is where ZMA comes into its own as a supplement. Essentially it is claimed that ZMA will increase your testosterone levels, which in turn is great for improved sleep quality, as well as building further muscle mass as well as increasing recovery time. There are other benefits which are assumed of ZMA, it is said that it can greatly improve your immune system as well as helping provide a more stable blood sugar level. All in all this can also help affect your mood especially because better sleep generally is a massive factor over your mood.

ZMA and bodybuilding

ZMA is one of the cheapest bodybuilding supplements I think I’ve ever seen and come across. This doesn’t mean there is a bad supplement because it’s cheap just means that there may be more bang for your buck supplements out there that may be more beneficial than ZMA is. That being said I still recommend ZMA if you have the money is a great all round athletic performance enhancing supplement.

In general it is claimed that ZMA has the ability to increase your testosterone function production. This is done through supplementing minerals that you need which may be missing from your diet and may be causing lower testosterone levels within your body. So overall this will end up in lower levels of zinc and magnesium which you need an overall can compromise your athletic performance.

However this is one of those supplements that some people think does absolutely nothing for them, so it may just be that some people react extremely well to it and others don’t. With a supplement like this where is just giving you more nutrients that you may have been more deficient in, not everyone will be deficient in it so it really depends how effective it will be on you. Some people do say however that even if it doesn’t help you raise your testosterone levels it may be that it helps make sure you don’t actually allow your testosterone levels to fall which can happen and cause much undesired results.

ZMA and your sleep quality!

One thing it definitely does do, is give you much increased sleep quality, and this is why I chose to review ZMA myself. Increased sleep quality in itself can be massively beneficial to bodybuilding. Sleep is overall one of the biggest factors in muscle gain and muscle recovery especially when working out to a high degree. So increased sleep quality can only be a good thing and can only help when looking to work out harder than before.

Sleep is also incredibly important for our sanity as well as everything else, there are so many reasons this modern day and age but we don’t sleep well enough and they can cause massively elevated stress levels which can be directly harmful to bodybuilding and working out in general. So ensuring that we get an adequate amount of sleep and of the best of quality is essential. I personally found ZMA to be extremely beneficial in not only just getting me to sleep but also the quality of sleep I have.

I found that when I was taking ZMA that not only was my sleep quality so much better by also found that I was able to sleep less but feel more rested. I found that when taking ZMA directly before sleeping I also found that may dreams were much more vivid, which is strange because I don’t usually dream at all, so I know ZMA was definitely having a massive effect on my overall sleep quality. Using my fitness tracker whilst taking ZMA supplement I also found that it tracked my deep sleep as being much higher than when I was not taking.

ZMA on weight loss

In conclusion

I find ZMA to be an all round awesome supplement, and definitely something that almost everyone should consider taking whether they are sleeping well are not. Whilst is definitely a key staple in the bodybuilding community, I think that it’s uses can extend far further than just being a bodybuilding supplement, its benefits to your sleep patterns make it one of the most useful supplement I think I’ve ever taken .This is why definitely wanted to try out ZMA in the first place, it supposedly creates extremely deep sleep and it definitely did do that. It’s worth it for that alone!

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