What is CLA and the best CLA supplements reviewed!

Conjugated Linoleic Acid more commonly known as CLA, is a very simple fatty acid found in dairy products and beef. It is often marketed as a simple safe weight loss supplement that doesn’t cost the earth. Whilst there are a lot of articles on the Internet that go into a lot more detail into CLA, and why exactly it is supposed to help you lose weight, I want to approach this article from my point of view as an end user of CLA to be able to share with you which supplements I’ve taken personally from which manufacturers, and what effect I actually found from CLA personally.

There are tons of articles on the Internet which dispute CLA’s effectiveness so I really want to approach that from a nonscientific point of view but simply from a point of view of someone that wanted to use it to lose a little bit of weight.

So what is CLA?

CLA is by no means a new supplement at all, it is used in pretty much all weight loss supplements that you can find on the market today, however you can just buy CLA on its own nowadays and it is becoming increasingly cheaper to be able to do so with new brands coming out with cheaper less branded bulk products.

However the quality of these products are starting to get better and better as competition gets harder and harder and more people into the marketplace these days. There are supposedly many other benefits of CLA as well.

What benefits are their of CLA?

For instance it has been known to be able to help high cholesterol levels and work on high blood pressure. This may just be because it has a weight loss effect however if it can actually provide some help in this department, then it’s got to be considered as an effective weight loss supplement that you should have in your diet plan.

There are also claims that it is able to help you athletically and produce a higher testosterone production within the body, whilst I wasn’t actually looking for this effect in this study however any extra increase in testosterone within the body is always gonna be seen as a great upside of a weight loss supplement as well.

What are the downsides?

To be honest, this is not something I often say, however I really struggle to find any sort of downside when taking CLA at all. I’ve almost never said that before the supplement on the market today. So this is definitely a bonus for me!!

When I was looking to undertake this “study” (for lack of a better word!!) as always I looked at potential side-effects that come with taking CLA, there are the usual side effects that a lot of people post about further almost any supplement such as nausea, stomach upset, headaches etc, etc!

However, when it came to Ashley taking CLA, I didn’t find any of these to be even remotely true and didn’t find any downsides of CLA at all. So I want to do is make that clear before I start talking about how exactly it actually helped me and the effect it had on my body.

There are tons of brands of CLA on the marketplace, and luckily is quite cheap supplement so it doesn’t mean that you have to invest heavily in reviews or the supplement itself to be able to get something of quite high quality

. It is not considered an essential vitamin or mineral and therefore because it is an after product it is cheap to purchase in the first place making it a great weight loss supplement to be undertake safely.

Does it actually work?

Because CLA is naturally occurring you are not synthesised we can be sure that it is less likely to have a detrimental effect on so how did CLA actually help me to burn fat? I have always despite working out extensively throughout the years had a little bit of extra belly fat that I have always want

ed to lose. And despite dropping my body fat to extremely low levels in the past, I always found that that last little bit of belly fat was the hardest bit to lose for me. And this is why CLA came to my attention in the first place, it is suggested that CLA can actually help simulate fat burning in the body in those harder to reach areas.

So I was of course increase straightaway to see whether it would actually make a difference to my belly fat rather than my overall body fat which are generally found to be quite low. Spot reducing is something that is not generally considered to be able to be done by diet alone or workout so to be able to reduce belly fat in the first place is a bold bold claim.

My personal feelings about CLA!

I took CLA from peak supplements for the course of two months to try and measure the effects of it. I was on a standard calorie maintenance diet at the same time, because I wanted to be able to see CLA’s effects just on its own I didn’t want to mess with it by also having a calorie deficit to contenders as well.

I found that over the time that I was taking CLA, I didn’t really notice any ill effects on my body at all. I’ve taken lots of other supplements that have played havoc with my body before generally due to high caffeine levels or high stimulant levels, however there is no feeling of this at all when taking CLA and I really didn’t notice that I was even taking it.

I didn’t want to take measurements and body weight measurements when doing this. Because I was still working out whilst I was taking CLA, any kind of body weight difference that I was going to see could easily be offset from putting on extra muscle, so body weight measurements would have been pretty much useless and a complete waste of time to be able to tell if this is actually helped me lose body weight.

However, what I did do is make keen observations about how my body looked how I found it easier to lose weight and most importantly how my stomach looked whilst taking this. I think overall I managed to lose quite a lot of weight whilst taking CLA. I didn’t do anything different to make this change so I feel that it definitely came down to taking CLA on a regular basis. I could definitely see a lot more definition in all of my body, not just my belly fat, my higher abs were definitely on show a lot more, my veins were stunned, a lot more in my biceps, and overall I would find that I had lost a lot of weight all over.

I did find that I had lost quite a lot of belly fat, I would actually go as far as to say that I probably lost more than I would normally deal in a calorie deficit diet. I usually find that belly fat is the last to go however when taking CLA I did notice a noticeable difference in my belly fat moving first. Which was a really really nice surprise. I think combined with a calorie deficit diet I probably would have seen a much greater degree of weight loss overall. So this is definitely a cheap supplement that I think I will definitely use on future cuts to be able to reach a much more athletic -looking body with a hopefully much lower belly fat.

Which one did you take?! SHOW ME THE GOODS!!

No problem! Here it is!

Peak Supplements CLA Supplement 1000mg – 360 Softgels – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

10Expert Score
The best weight loss supplement I've ever taken!!

This is the exact CLA supplement that I ordered. I did a lot of research when I was looking into CLA as to which would be the best brand to take and also which was the cheapest, however there is a plethora of different CLA supplement on the Internet and it was really hard to know which was best for you.

However I found that this had extremely high quality CLA, quick simple delivery because it was through Amazon, and the best highest milligram ratio to capsules per packet. Essentially what this means is you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else. It is an extremely cheap supplement to be able to use daily and something I will definitely be using a lot in the future.

Why I really like CLA! My Conclusions!

Despite the great route that reducing properties it had on my body, especially around the old waist!!! What’s nice about the supplement is that it doesn’t feel dirty in any way. And by dirty, I mean that it feels like a more natural way of reducing fat in your body. Sometimes when taking other weight loss supplements, I felt horrible taking them not just because of the effects of the weight loss supplement, but also because of the extra stimulants and chemicals that is putting into my body.

So to be able to do something that is a bit more natural and naturally occurring in dairy and beef was a nice change up. I definitely feel that it be a supplement that is much easier to use in the long term. The fact there is also cheap and extremely easy to come by is fantastic as well. I literally ordered from peak supplements and got it the next day via Amazon.

I just to be clear and to make it helpful for people in the future when looking up whether to take CLA or not. I took full dosages that “Peak supplements” recommends per day which is to tablets, three times a day. I generally space these throughout the day before breakfast before lunch and before dinner it does however recommend that you take it with food, so I often these 10 minutes before I was started eat.

So will I take in the future? BLOODY RIGHT! Will it become a staple of my diet plans? BLOODY RIGHT!! As it can one of my new favourite supplements?! YOU FUCKING BET!! There are literally no downsides that I found personally, combined with a cheap upfront cost, and no cons to really mention – this is definitely something that will become a staple in my workout programs!

Dan Woods

I'm a healthy and fitness nut! Been in this game over 10 years. If it's fitness, i've done it! Name a sport, i've invested silly money into it! Let me share my knowledge with you!

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