Ultimate Treadmill Buyers Guide [2020]

Buying a treadmill in 2020 is bloody hard work! There are so many different ones to purchase that really have no idea what you are looking for!! (Although that’s true of almost anything these days!!). There were so many different brands available in the market now choosing what’s good, what’s good value and what actually lasts, is really really hard.

Luckily (for you!) we have put together this article with a few handy tips, tricks and general guidelines of things to look for when purchasing a treadmill nowadays!

What’s the budget?

This is the most important question of all of them, but when we just can’t help you with it really just depends on how much money you have available to spend on a treadmill, however we can give you some guidelines as to what we think makes a good budget for buying a good all-round treadmill last a long time and won’t fail on you.

The amount of money that you are looking to spend on a treadmill really dictates what features you will get and also the build quality. As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t really cheap out on a treadmill, qualities a massive factor with treadmills, as they take a huge amount of bashing and buying a cheap machine will just result in you having to replace it sooner rather than later.

That being said, with more and more brands flooding the market places on entry-level and even advanced treadmills there are huge amounts of new advancements in technology and brands that are now offering treadmills that are great quality but also slightly cheaper than their more well-known brand counterparts!

Why do you want a treadmill?

This is the most common question that we get asked here at Premier sports and fitness. It is also one of most important to consider as well. Treadmills are a big investment and a big piece of equipment to have in your home gym, so it’s really important that you consider why you actually want to travel in the first place and will you get the best use out of it.

Like by age equipment because you will always end up replacing it, however we do think that if you are not using the treadmill to its full potential, such as if you are gonna just be walking on the treadmill, then we recommend that perhaps you go for a slightly cheaper machine that really fits the workouts that you will be doing on it. This is not reflective of everyone’s workouts on these types of machines, so it really does depend on why you want to treadmill.

Treadmills are an extremely versatile piece of equipment for your home gym, and certainly one we would recommend as an essential bit of equipment to have. So whether you are walking, running, or using of interval training and we definitely recommend working out why exactly want this treadmill in the first place, so you can work out how much you spend.

Which Treadmills do we recommend personally?

NERO PRO TREADMILL Electric Motorised Folding Running Machine

8.5Expert Score
Good all round machine

Whilst this treadmill won’t be one of the ones you have heard before, and the brand you certainly will not have heard of before, is actually one of the best treadmills that you can buy on Amazon today for the money.

With a wealth of different features and an overall good build quality, we recommend this treadmill for almost all beginners to intermediate runners. It comes with all the features that you’ll ever need of a treadmill when you are starting out, including log training, and a ton of different presets which are awesome to use and really immersive and engaging. Overall we found this treadmill is super easy to use and it also connects to your iPhone or iPad which is awesome as it allows you to monitor your workouts as well.

  • Good connectivity
  • Well-made
  • Tons of really positive reviews
  • Great for beginners and intermediates alike
  • Could be cheaper there are cheaper on the market
  • We would like to see it with a slightly more robust build quality

Sportstech F10 treadmill model 2020 – German Quality

10Expert Score
We don't think it can be beaten for the price!

This is an awesome treadmill and definitely a top contender of the three reviewed treadmills today.

This is a really good all-round treadmill for beginners and intermediates. It has a wealth of different functions available to it, and it also features great connectivity either to your TV or through the KINOMAP app, it should allow you to really expand your training into the next generation. Definitely something you should research in the future.

This machine is a great all-rounder, it features a high 120 kg weight rating, is extremely quiet and easy to use, and is very practical it can be folded up super easily and as transport wheels for easy storage. There is a 1 hp motor running this for speeds of up to 10 km an hour, which is not as good as some of the more expensive models however for the beginner this should be all you actually need to get you started.

  • Good price
  • Lots of connectivity
  • Tons of programs
  • Good weight rating
  • Gentle on the joints
  • Could have a more powerful motor
  • Could be cheaper

JLL T450 Digital Folding Treadmill

9Expert Score
Fantastic all-round treadmill!

This is our topic treadmill if you have the money to spend! This is one of the best all-round treadmills that you can buy on Amazon for the money.

It may not be one of the big brands that you have heard of before. But it comes extremely well reviewed and is generally seen as one of the best treadmills available in the market today. It also comes an awesome warranty which includes two years parts and five years labour of the motor as well which is extremely important to consider when buying a treadmill if you can use an awful lot.

This treadmill has a huge motor capacity of 4.5 hp. Which is great and should be perfect for almost anyone of any ability when starting out. It also has a large running area as well which is great compared to some of them which can be a little bit limited in this department and make it harder to actually run and enjoy it. This also takes a huge 120 kg weight rating as well which is 18.8 stone and is a huge amount of weight really so we definitely recommend this if you are slightly on the heavier side or taller as well.

Deft definitely ly worth considering and is quite a big machine however it does fold so can be stored easily as well!

Easily storable
  • High weight rating
  • Powerful motor
  • Lots of options and functions
  • Great connectivity Bluetooth
  • Expensive
  • Could be better looking
  • Could have more programs

Don’t they take up a lot of space?

Absolutely they do! Tremors are one of the biggest piece of of equipment that you will have in your home gym, so we deftly recommend that you do some research into how much space is needed for one before you even consider purchasing one.

If you’ve never used a treadmill before, then it’s really hard to understand just how much space they take up and the more expensive the machine is generally the more space they will take up in your room is always worth mapping out on the floor exactly how much space your treadmill will take up. We also recommend looking at treadmills which can fold up, which is a much more recent improvement on old aspect treadmills and can make a massive difference to how likely it is you are to purchase one. In more recent years this doesn’t mean that you sacrifice construction for usability and store ability.

What type of motor will I need in my treadmill?

Really good questions are one of the most important questions that you can ask about buying a treadmill. The tremor was the heart and soul of the whole piece of equipment, and there’s nothing worse and have an underpowered treadmill, but it just won’t provide the workout that you really want from. The motor in your treadmill should be really carefully considered and needs to be powerful enough so that you can get the workout that you need from it, so this really depends on your fitness level but will Miss always recommend going for a bigger motor than you think that you will need.

Manufacturers now specify power output on each treadmill and these really are the figure that you should be looking at when considering how powerful you need to go. There will be many different terms and lingo’s used but ultimately just one make sure that you get one that is powerful enough in horsepower to accommodate the weights of the user and also the fitness level of the user.

Should I be concerned about the maximum user weight?

In general on many other piece of home gym equipment, we would say that this isn’t really all that important however in general terms we deftly recommend that you buy a treadmill that will accommodate your way or the way of people are using in your family.

In simple terms, if you don’t buy a treadmill that will accommodate your way, and you will just not be able to work out on it at any great speed at all. This is generally a good benchmark between cheap knockoff treadmills and the more expensive well branded well known treadmill makes.

Luckily for you almost every term on the market today states just how much weight they can take. We do recommend that you allow a good bit of leeway on the maximum weight compared to your weight just in case you put in the future or if you let someone else use the machine. We definitely recommend spending a little bit more and go for a higher weight rating just in case you ever do need it. It’s much better to have a machine that can handle a lot more than what you needed to do.

Should I consider the maximum speed as well?

Absolutely. We think this should be one of the main considerations as well when you are purchasing a new treadmill. It really depends on your current fitness level, but also you want it to be able to accommodate the fitness level that you are hoping to be able to achieve in the future from your workouts.

You always wanted to be able to handle a lot more than you can undertake yourself, so that this helps you use it for her activity such as interval workouts, where you will be hitting a much higher maximum speed than you would normally on a long run but only for a short amount time.

We recommend as a general rule of thumb that you choose a machine that can handle at least 3 mph more than your regular running pace this will allow you to do interval training as we’ve said before, but it will also allow you to grow into your treadmill and mean that you can use it for a much longer time without outgrowing it and needing to much more substantial.

Overall you want to make sure that you do not overload your machine and force it past what it is capable of. It’s always better to invest a little bit more in the beginning of having to replace it in the future.

We recommend that you consider how much incline you’ll be able to handle as well on the machine, it’s super important because incline can be one of the most challenging of workouts on your treadmill. Stephanie worth considering just how much incline the new machine can take and is almost better to have a little bit more than you think you’ll ever need.

Are the programs ever worthwhile?

Actually we do recommend using some of their programs on tremors nowadays. They are actually really really good and some of them are deftly better than others of course, however this really is reflected in the price of the treadmill that you end up buying. Some other programs are available from manufacturers are really really immersive and allow you to really push yourself in your workouts.

They can allow you to do interval training, and heart rate training as well as pill training as well which can be some of the most intense workouts that you will ever do. We definitely recommend buying a machine with more programs than you think you’ll need as well just because it will allow you to progress in different ways.

We recommend using travel programs as a way of getting yourself into a workout regime with the treadmill as it is much more immersive and if you are not all that confident using a treadmill yourself can really help you in the beginning find your ultimate workout program.

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