The best joint recovery supplement? Cissus Quadrangularis Reviewed!!

This review comes from a very personal aspect and after tons and tons and tons of trial and error and reading thousands of online reviews.

A little about me, I have been working out for more than 10 years and throughout that time I have definitely developed lots of joint pains which you would definitely see in a much much older man definitely not someone who is 30!!

Why do you need joint supplements?

So over the years I’ve picked up a ton of different niggles in different joints, to list a few both of my elbows, shoulder, knee and chest to name just a few. These all came at various different times sometimes not even noticing what I actually did to injure myself, but still that is a matter the injury still sticks with me!!

So as per everything in my life I turned to the Internet to find an answer and luckily this one time it managed to provide! I have tried a huge amount of different joint supplements throughout the years, most of them however are work towards preventative measures rather than repairing damage that has already been done.

Physio vs Supplements

It is great to be able to have a personal physio on hand to be able to work on any issues before they happen however this is just not appropriate and possible for everybody so sometimes we have to turn to supplements to be able to try and help us as much as possible ourselves.

Please note I’m not saying that working with a physio can be completely replaced by supplements, there’s no replacing physio, however sometimes a little extra push can sometimes be all that is needed.

So I have suffered with elbow pain for the longest amount time possible, I think this is just been through repetitive gym workouts throughout the years and I feel like I am just slightly weaker in this area and is never truly recovered properly.

So I did a huge amount of research and came across this lesser-known supplement called Cissus. There is not a ton of research on the Internet about it and there was not a great deal of reviews on the couple of products I stumbled across to actually seem to be well priced. However why did find was definitely cause enough to be able to purchase this myself and do some reviews of my own.

Now let me start by saying I don’t like to just use supplements on their own when I was taking this as I was doing a lot of physio work for my elbows and other pain I had in my shoulder and knee at the same time, so whilst I definitely think that Cissus was a big factor in my recovery it was not the only factor and this needs to be considered. Don’t just assume that one supplement will make all the difference. You need to work at it from a multitude of different angles.

What does Cissus do?

There is a ton of different information on the Internet as to where Cissus is found in what it is exactly. But in simple terms as a traditional medicine that has been used for many many years particularly in Africa and parts of Asia.

It’s been used for bone health and lots of different bone disorders such as arthritis however is been more commonly used for joint pain as well.

There are also claims that it can help you become in a more catatonic state which is extremely useful for when you are looking to lose a little bit of extra weight so I was aware of this from the start and hope that this would be the case but however this was not why I was starting to take the supplement it was mainly just for the joint pain. So moving on to how it helped me and my elbows in particular.

My experiences with Cissus

I took Cissus by the brand Bulk Powders, which Ipurchased on Amazon, for a little over two months. I wasn’t really expecting tons to happen through taking just Cissus alone but I was massively surprised. I knew they had anti-inflammatory properties and that some people often reported that this anti-inflammatory property alone was enough to make them feel slightly better in their joints.

So I was aware of this from the start so I knew that it may not be helping my joint pain overall just temporarily easing it so I was super careful to make sure that I wasn’t lulled into a false sense of security.

What is worth noting as well taking Cissus I didn’t notice any negative impacts at all, not even one. I felt completely fine was using it and didn’t notice any stomach upset, nausea, headaches or other. Although I would generally say that I’m quite susceptible to stomach upsets so this is how I know is an easy supplement on the body.

I tried to measure just how much of an impact it would have on my joints which is obviously a hard thing to quantify but whilst I was taking this I had greatly reduced my workout program to more cardio rather than gym exercises that would be heavily impacting my elbow joints.

I felt that the pain decreased within the first 3 to 4 days of using Cissus quite massively, this is something I did not expect to happen at all but I was still really thinking that it was just the anti-inflammatory effects. I continue taking even though I believed that I was starting to make some progress.

I think after the first two weeks of taking Cissus every day at the recommended 3g dosage I started to notice a big difference in my elbow pain. I’d started to try and work out gently to introduce myself back into my workout program so I was quite keen to make sure that I didn’t injure myself further but I was pleasantly surprised to see that my elbows were acting really well to my workout and the pain had greatly subsided. No it hadn’t completely gone but the amount of pain was much less than 1/4 of what it was before.

So I wanted to make sure that I gently worked out whilst still working on my physio and taking Cissus to try and fully repair the damage that I had done. I still get taking for another two weeks and I think after those initial four weeks I started to feel like I was almost back to 100% health. I can’t see quantify this so still very very nervous about putting extra weight on my elbows than I was before of course however there didn’t seem to be any cause for discomfort at all. What I wanted to make sure was that I fully recovered rather than just making sure that it was pain free. So I kept taking them for another four weeks making an eight week total cycle of Cissus.

Please note this was not a cheap thing to do and this is a quite expensive supplement however I generally feel that investing in your health is something that cannot be quantified in terms of money and just something that was par for the course and I needed to make sure I got myself free from elbow pain completely.

Happy to report that even after gently introducing myself back to my workout program I am now back up to the same weights that I was before I started experiencing this elbow pain. I don’t think that I have seen it starting to flare up again however honestly I’m still a lot more cautious than I was before too make sure that I don’t allow it to happen again. In general I think prevention is definitely better than the cure but Cissus was a massive massive help in getting my elbows back to full health.

Something I will definitely wasn’t expecting when I started taking it was for me to feel better overall. I hadn’t really noticed before but always had a slightly weaker left knee than I had before and I just assumed it was just a natural part of my body however when I was taking Cissus I also noticed that my knee had become a lot stronger than it had before and it was in was a happy accident that I had somehow repaired my knee at the same time as try and repair my elbows. Very happy accident indeed.

Do I recommend Cissus?!

So would I recommend taking Cissus? Abso-bloody-loutely it’s probably one of the best supplements I think I have ever taken. And something I will definitely look to take more consistently in the future to make sure that I don’t develop injuries in my joints.

TLDR: For the money I do not think there is a better joint supplement on the market today.

Dan Woods

I'm a healthy and fitness nut! Been in this game over 10 years. If it's fitness, i've done it! Name a sport, i've invested silly money into it! Let me share my knowledge with you!

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