Best All in One Protein Powder​

All in one protein powder supplements are the perfect way to get a wide variety of different nutritional proteins and carbs into your diet with zero fuss and no extra effort. Premier Sports & Fitness chooses supplements based on their high nutritional value and their value-for-money.

These are our hand-picked favourite or one protein powders, we have personally tried every single one of these and actually recommend them as products that we use ourselves rather than the bullshit normal reviews you read where they’ve never tried any of them!!

Obviously, the main benefit of these all in one supplements are the time that they save. Everyone wants to get much fitter, but almost everyone wants to do its easily (Obviously!). So in the course of our normal lives, we have tried all of these products ourselves. All in one protein powders contain a wide range of different healthy compounds which promote increased strength, endurance, and fitness, including:

  • Complex Carbs (Great energy release!)
  • Whey Protein (for the gains!)
  • BCAA’s (Branch-Chained Amino Acids)
  • HMB’s (Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyric Acid)

These ensure that your body is getting all the essential nutrients it requires to repair itself after working out, leaving you rejuvenated and energetic to take on the day. The whole point of theaw supplements are to push you forward and make your goals happen quicker! Simple!

Our Personal favourite all in one Protein Powder Supplements


Above this I’ve put links to a few of the all in one protein powder that I have actually used myself. These are personal recommendations based on what I think works the best. Everyone will have different reactions and uptake to these, I personally have seen good results everything one of these products hence the recommendations! I’ve actually put them in order of what I think is the best, and to be honest but doesn’t include price at all, these reviews are simply based on the all in one proteins I had a good reaction to.

USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic


My favourite of these by far is the USN muscle fuel anabolic – I saw really good results with this one and best of all it actually tastes really good. Some of them are extremely sickly and sweet tasting, which just means now matter how good they are you just will not actually end up taking them. I’ve had almost all of the USN flavours and really rate them. Amazon usually have really good offers on these, but I would steer clear of buying elsewhere as I believe I have had fakes in the past from other suppliers (I won’t list them here though!). 

BULK POWDERS Complete All in One
Up next is my second favourite from my list and it’s actually from Bulk Powders. This is a seriously decent all in one, definitely one of the better ones that I tried and includes basically everything you will ever need to recover from a workout out with minimal risk. It also rates really highly on taste – which I know shouldn’t be one of the top factors involved when deciding on An all in one protein powder. But in my experience, if you honestly can’t handle the taste, then there is no point purchasing anything!

There are a number of different beneficial reasons you might choose to take an all in one and they can support a range of different types of fitness. We’ll take a brief look at some of the most common reasons our own customers choose our all in one supplements.


it’s so much bloody easier! With a busy lifestyle of work, the gym, and home responsibilities, it’s not always easy to plan your meals in such a way that ensures you get enough of every single important nutrient, vitamin, or mineral.

Taking an all in one supplement ensures you get all of this in a single serving with no need for extra thought or prep. Ultimately is a lazy way to make sure that you get everything you need and really focus on making some progress in the gym!


Taking a supplement like the ones that we recommend above means replenishing your body with the vital ingredients it needs to stay at its prime. While eating a balanced diet is a prerequisite to a healthy mind and body, an all in one supplement will help ensure you reach this balance.


It takes your body time to recover after an intense workout, be in the gym a cycle swim or even working a job on site! But it simply cannot recover quickly from this unless it has the resources to heal and strengthen itself. A healthy diet paired with an all in one supplement is the perfect way to guarantee your body has what it needs to improve when you rest.


Bloody anyone!! The reality is that anyone can benefit from taking all in one supplements as they are simply vital nutrients everyone’s body will use in staying healthy. However, there are those who might benefit from their use more than others.


Aren’t we all! I swear even though there’s a pandemic going on I’m busier than ever! And that is not a good thing!!! I just Wanna be in the gym . However you may be a workaholic always working towards a looming deadline or perhaps a stay-at-home parent who is looking after their children 24/7. Whatever the reality is, life can always be made easier by having an all in one solution to getting the right things into your body. An all in one supplement is a great way to do this when you don’t have the time to cook complex meals.


Your body needs materials to build itself back up after working out and you will not see the results you want, both visually and performance-wise, unless you have a diet which suits the demands of your exercise regimen.

An all in one supplement will ensure that those who are always working out are getting the nutrients they need to be well on their way to making the gains they want to see from their hard work.


I’m genuinely one of those people that says I do something and then never end up doing it, or worse still I have the best intentions, buy something and then never get around to using it! Supplements are the worst for doing this as they have an expiry date. I prefer to take an all in one protein powder and have everything done for me and all decision-making taken out my hands!

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