About us and what we stand for

About us and what we stand for!

I started Premier sports and fitness as a way to share as much knowledge as possible with as many people as possible. It’s really as simple as that. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to anything that I get stuck into and sports fitness and working out been a massive part my life for as long as I can remember over the years I’ve built a wealth of knowledge and reviews of loads of different products over time I want to share with everyone, it’s a simple as that.

So I started out working out in the gym many years ago and I’ve never looked back. Started with absolutely zero knowledge tons of enthusiasm to really change my body so really had to learn absolutely everything on the job, which is always the best way to learn anything. But as with anything I per serious amount research into and I’ve been researching into bodybuilding and the best way to progress in the gym. I want to share that with everybody as well as thousands and thousands of pounds spent on products over the year including building my own home gym equipment and all of the different products that I have accumulated along the way and I want to save people money, time and gain from my experiences!

When the first started in the gym I became absolutely obsessed with Bodybuilding. There’s a whole market out there, huge communities and so much knowledge that you can gain just about bodybuilding sometimes it becomes a little bit confusing what’s really right and what’s wrong. I’ve learn everything from best techniques to achieve your goals perform all the lifts correctly including Olympic lifts which are a whole different category on their own.

Olympic lifts are some of the best compound exercises that you can do lager interleave more in several articles later on they have honestly been similar most transformative exercises I’ve done and also similar hardest to learn and master. It cannot be undertaken lightly and you really need to know exactly what you’re doing when you are doing Olympic Lifts.

Can’t undertake any sort bodybuilding these days without at least venturing into Crossfit or having absolutely thrust on your throat more like!!!  Crossfit is absolutely everywhere, and whilst most bodybuilders don’t agree with crossfit and what they stand for there is some merit to what they do and the gains that they make overall. So I’ve taken a look into CrossFit managed to adapt some of their exercises in a much safer way as well as their workouts something I love to share with you all in the future.

As well as bodybuilding and gym work I love to get out and Surf. Super lucky to live near the coast and surfing is something I always wanted to do as a child, but never really got around to it, so taking up in my later years has been a massive challenge and some of the best workouts I swear that I have ever done without doubt. There is so much coordination that you need to have as well as huge amount balance you also need to be athletically for their super strong and combine all these factors together and even actually surf well. The huge amount of surfing and along the way learning to surf such a steep learning curve you really need to do the research so that you can be the best that you can be when you’re out surfing. I’ve done tons of research on different techniques to help learn to bring myself from a beginner to an intermediate surfer, I would never say that I an advanced surfer but there still time! I’m so determined!!

Cycling has become one of my passions recently as well and again with any kind of sport there’s a huge amount of knowledge to be gained and there is a huge learning curve to not only just riding a Road Bike but to progress to a high level of fitness and actually be competitive. Road bikes are a completely different breed to normal bikes but the workout and fitness that comes from it is honestly next level!! So I want to share as much of the research knowledge and products that I have looked into over my years of experience cycling so you can profit quicker from my years of experience!

This blog is really gonna be a little bit of a brain dump of everything I’ve learned over the years and all of the different products that I have personally tried out I want you to benefit from the money time blood sweat and tears that I have put into these hobbies!!

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