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Premier Sports & Fitness is the UK’s recommended online home gym equipment supplier – providing everything from free weights and gym machines to boxing and baseball equipment. And all of the best tips and advice to put your home gym equipment to proper use, including some of the best workout programs ever!

Home Workout Equipment

Everything offered on the Premier Sports & Fitness catalogue has been specifically chosen for its genuine quality by our team. 


Everything that we recommend has personally been chosen by we think is the best, not just the best piece of equipment but also best value for money as well. so you know you’re ordering something that will not disappoint. Don’t settle for just any home gym machine or piece of equipment, order something premier.


We hold high standards when it comes to the sturdiness and longevity of our products, but we also believe that price is just as important as quality. Premier Sports & Fitness isn’t simply a hub for everything you could require when it comes to fitness equipment – we’re an online home gym equipment supplier with your interests at our core.

Home Gym Machine Equipment

With COVID around at the moment affecting all of our lives, there is never been a better time to start your own home gym. Is that the safest way you can get back into shape, maintain your goals but also just to work on your mental health. 


Having a home gym can be a place to get away from it all. The home gym be a sanctuary creating the perfect place to get away from life struggles to help personal health and fitness is also being a great and valuable tool to really improve upon your mental health. After all good fitness means good mental health! Nothing could be more important. 


With gym membership the spring and all-time high plus the extra added stress of travelling to the gym as well as the time it takes, there has never been a better time to put together a home gym. What could be better a 20 minute commute to the gym after work, or a two second walk down your hallway! We think you know the answer!


Home Gym Workouts and Equipment

We have got a huge amount of tips tricks and workout routines including strength and conditioning programs which paired with all of our home gym equipment advice should give you the most interesting and up-to-date workout plans ever to ensure you’re not bored in the gym! There’s never been a better time to cancel your gym membership.

So if a second lockdown hits, be no better feeling than knowing that you’ve got a home gym to your workouts and all those hardfought gains won’t fall to the wayside!

If you do want to know anything about our home gym equipment or want us to feature a piece of equipment or a workout technique in article please get in touch via the contact form above we would love to hear from you!

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